Poll: What Do You Think?

January 12, 2015

So… two days ago Andy blogged about this blog.  And yesterday Kristin talked about the blog on Facebook.  And now my readership has gone waaaayyy up and it’s freaking me out!  😉  I’m very glad to have you all reading, but now I’m worried that you’ll all wander away bored.  So I thought I’d try a poll and ask you what you think.  What’s your favorite post so far?

And more importantly, what suggestions do you have for me?  Is there anything particular you’d like to hear about?  Is the length of the posts about right?  Leave a comment!

But first… let me give you some previews of what I’m planning for future posts.  Here are some ideas:

  • Selections from Andy’s classic game collection, and pictures of the classic game mural that was commissioned for the game room
  • An introduction to the cats
  • A chance to look at an in-progress game of Homeworlds with Andy (and maybe a preview of the medal I’m hoping to be grandfathered into!)
  • Pictures and maybe videos from the upcoming JoCo Cruise
  • An interactive walk-through of Wunderland’s floor plan
  • Instructions for how to tie dye
  • Possibly some advance notice of upcoming events and releases

So let me know what you’d like to see!  And welcome to all the new readers!  🙂


8 thoughts on “Poll: What Do You Think?

  1. I like Make-a-Plate because the artwork is so fun, and things with back stories are neat! That looks like a Mr. Broccoli in the first one, so that pushed it over the edge for me! I also like the useful information, like recipes, that’s trickling through as well! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look into the wondrous wonder that is wonderland!

    Alex from Ocean City

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  2. Thanks for the feedback, Everyone! Alex, the “Mr. Broccoli” is named Tirade. I’ll have to write about him someday, too. 🙂 And Aaron, you got it! I’ll try to start on the game collection and room tomorrow. 🙂 And Kristin, yes, you do get inordinate joy from those pens. 🙂

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  3. I was torn between Macadamia, Rover, and the Week Between. I went with Macadamia because I too have that Snuffles (and the smaller Snuff). When told the names, Ron asked if there were two even smaller ones named Snot and Sniff. Plus, Dr. Demento.

    I vote All of the Above on the list of future posts. I like the varying lengths, some short, some long. I don’t think you need any suggestions yet, you have plenty of great ideas to work with already!

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  4. Am I the only one who initially read the title “The Joy of Pens!” as “The Joy of Penis!”? That type of misreading happens to me often….

    I’m just happy to read bits about the lives of my friends without having to join Facebook. Thanks! 🙂

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  5. LOL! I didn’t even think about that possible title misread, but I can totally see it! I do that all the time myself. Thanks for the laugh! And glad I’m able to save you from the horrors of Facebook. 😉

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