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Homeworlds Game

January 18, 2015

Well, Andy has made it as far as Chicago and is having dinner with an old friend.  Kristin and I are getting excited about his return.  We’re guessing he’ll definitely make it by Wednesday, and maybe by Tuesday!  But that means that I have to decide what to do with this mess that I’ve made in our ongoing Homeworlds game.  Up until about two turns ago, it was looking like I had a chance of winning, and therefore being grandfathered in to the upcoming “I Beat Andy” medal ceremony.  But I made a stupid move that has probably cost me the game, and I’ve been reluctant to take my turn because of it.  😉

In any case, this is the state of affairs right now.  I am the player on the right, Andy on the left.  The golden pyramid is just the turn marker.  The little circles with names of stars on them are something Andy came up with to help me in recording our games easily.  He got the idea from Aaron of Super Duper Games (a great game site!), and made a set of disks with a star for nearly every letter of the alphabet.

Although I could definitely use some help in this game, please don’t post any game play suggestions for either me or Andy.  If you do, I wouldn’t feel like I won the game fairly.  Similarly, I have actually beaten Andy at Homeworlds once already, but I don’t count it, because it was during an Andy vs. Everyone session and he was highly distracted and let himself get “bluebirded.”  I want to beat him fair and square when he’s had time to think.  I doubt this game is going to be the one, but hopefully I’ll pull it off before the late February medal-giving event.  Wish me luck!