Make a Plate

January 8, 2015

Andy, Kristin, and Alison have just about finished splitting up all the household items, but there are a couple of rooms to go.  Because of various travel plans, tonight was the last time they could all get together for another two weeks, so they decided to go through the kitchen items, even though it was during the regularly scheduled Thursday game night.  It was kind of fun to do it surrounded by friends!

One batch of things that got divided was five hand-made plates that have a story behind them.  A few years back, while demonstrating their games at Toy Fair in New York City, Kristin came across a booth for MakIt, a company that makes custom plates based on your one-of-a-kind drawings.  She was so excited because she remembered enjoying this activity as a child and had no idea the company was still in business.  It was extra fun because the man who had started the company about forty years ago was at the booth and clearly enjoying her enthusiasm and childhood memories.

So five Make a Plate kits were purchased, and not long after, the three of them and two friends got together and each made a plate.  Three of those plates are one-of-a-kind.  Two of them got reprinted and were available in The Dangling Carrot for a while.  Back then, the demo team were called “lab rabbits,” and so “the dangling carrot” was a cute name for their store of things that were only available to demo techs.  🙂 In any case, all five plates are beautiful, and they were divided last night between Pepperland and Wunderland.  Both households got the two that had multiples–Andy’s cake recipe plate (I’m saving the image of that one for a later blog post), and Kristin’s Tirade plate. photo 4 Of the remaining three, Alison’s design came to Wunderland. photo 2 And those of the two friends stayed at Pepperland. photo 3 photo 1 I love every single one of them!


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