The Joy of Pens!

January 9, 2015

photo 1Have you ever seen Kristin hop and bounce and giggle like she does when she’s really happy?  I’ve seen her do that three times lately regarding these cute pens.  First, at the New Deal Cafe about a month ago, during a concert of an awesome band that includes several friends, known as the Wild Anacostias.  Completely by chance, she was sitting next to a guy who went to high school with Andy’s brother!  And his wife had this four-color pen.  “Oh, man!  I haven’t seen these since I was a kid!  I love these!” she giggled. She order herself one of these pens from Amazon the very next day!

photo 2

Cut to a couple days ago, when the 24 four-color pens Kristin had secretly ordered to replace all her ballpoint pens arrived.  So much happy giggling and hopping!  🙂

Finally, cut to today.  She realized she could mark each one with a colorful Daisy sticker.  The resulting happiness was definitely contagious!  🙂



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