Kristin’s Big Toe

January 7, 2015

ToesLook quick!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime sight!  Kristin’s big toe is its natural color for the first time in over 34 years!  LOL!

Kristin painted her left big toe black in early December 1980 as a way of mourning John Lennon’s death.  It has remained painted black ever since until today, when she painted it with this nail polish that was hand-made by someone at “Rock and Shop,” a crafty sales event held before Christmas at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

Nail PolishSadly, something in the nail polish caused an allergic reaction, and Kristin’s whole toe began to feel very strange.  As a precaution, we removed all the polish and let the toe be “au natural” for a few hours before being painted again.

But not to worry!

Her toe is now feeling fine and back in black.  🙂IMG_9375


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