Running on Caffeine!

January 29, 2015

Oh my gosh, am I behind!  I am writing this post for January 29th having missed  the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th!  Ack!!!  I’m very sorry!  And then I leave tomorrow for a 9-day working vacation cruising in the Caribbean (woo-hoo!!!!) where I probably won’t have internet access.

So here’s what I’m going to do:  I’m going to catch up on the missing posts.  I will set them to post on the days they SHOULD have posted, so if you’re reading this after today, it will not look like the 25th-28th are missing.  But for those of you who are subscribers, you will get multiple notices today, and I’m sorry for that because I promised just one post a day.

Anyway, I will then write enough posts to cover the entire cruise and set them to post on the proper days automatically.  Any comments probably won’t be seen or responded to until after I get back on February 8th.  THEN I’ll be back on track and will probably have some great travel pics to show you!  🙂

So… for today, since we are running on caffeine trying to get a million things done before we leave, I thought a post about caffeine was appropriate.  😉

Coke is my personal caffeine of choice.  I refuse to drink diet drinks with artificial sweeteners, but lately I have been trying the new Coke Life in the green can.  It’s sweetened with both sugar and stevia, and isn’t bad!  🙂  The green can is taking us all some time to get used to, though!

Andy’s caffeine of choice is Diet Mountain Dew.  I just bought him several cases of it to last him while we’re gone.  🙂  An interesting side note:  When we went to Burning Man, each of us had to decide how we were going to deal with the lack of sodas there.  I chose to just drink water.  Andy chose to bring No-Doze.  Kristin chose to bring black tea packets.  🙂

Alison's Orange TeaWhich brings us to Kristin’s caffeine of choice.  She really loves Coke, but is trying to kick that habit because the calories are just wasted.  So she’s been experimenting with black tea possibilities.  She really likes the tea Alison gets from a place in Seattle.  But it’s got this big warning about not drinking it in a plastic container, and Kristin likes to drink it out of big quart-sized nalgene containers.

Ruth's TeaShe also really likes the tea her sister got her for Christmas, but it’s loose leaf, which is a little too messy for her to do every day.

And she likes the tea that a friend brought her when she posted on Facebook that she was looking for a high-caffeine tea.  It’s called Fast Lane.  But it’s a little too high-caffeine to drink in the quantities that she drinks tea.

So the final answer is that she bought a six-months’ supply of three Celestial Seasonings offerings:  Fast Lane, Peach-Flavored, and Raspberry-Flavored.  She  puts one Fast Lane and three of one or the other flavors in her quart-sized container and it works great!  Huzzah!  🙂

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for today.  Thanks for your patience, everyone!

P.S.  I haven’t forgotten the request for the interactive floor plan, but it’s going to be a bit tricky and will have to wait until after I get home from the cruise.  🙂


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