January 24, 2015

photo 1Andy had a presentation today at MAGfest, so we all piled in the car and drove to Gaylord Convention Center.  Wow, is that place cool!  You’re nice and warm inside, but you feel like you’re outside in a quaint little village.  🙂photo 2


photo 3

Andy’s talk went great!  There were about 75 people in attendance, and it was a great discussion about the inspiration for Fluxx.  It included some history, some game design tips, and some great Q & A… plus he kept them laughing!  🙂

We also checked out the things for sale (and bought a couple!), the tabletop games space (where we played quite a few games!), and the arcade (oh, so very fun!).

photo 4

Afterwards, we walked around a bit because Andy remembered that one of his favorite art installations had recently been moved to this location.  It is called The Awakening, and is quite impressive!  Here are Andy and Kristin in just one small part of the installation.


photo 5And finally, I have to end this with this cute teeny tiny Lego snail that somebody gave Andy!  😀

Definitely a great day.

Tomorrow, I will have gone through my recording of Andy’s talk and will provide you with a few audio tidbits.  For now, we’re all headed to bed!  🙂




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