January 19, 2015

Oh my gosh!  Have you heard of this game Ingress?!?  It’s a Google app for Android or iOS, and it’s laid over Google Maps WORLDWIDE!  You play it by using your phone to see where the XM is (energy) and where the portals are that you are trying to control.  You are either on the Resistance team (blue) or Enlightened team (green), and you play by walking around your neighborhood!  I’m not explaining it well, but believe me… it’s cool!  Here’s a video explaining it.

I don’t really understand all the intricacies yet, but it is how Kristin and I talked ourselves into getting out in the cold this morning and walking.  Because we have made it a goal that we have to exercise every morning before we can have breakfast.  So Kristin thought this game might make walking more fun… like you do when you’re a game maker.  😉

I hope this game is as fun as it seems!  I can’t wait to get friends and family and geeks everywhere to help us (the Enlightened team!) take over portals and claim whole communities and cities for the force of good!  🙂  Come play with us!


7 thoughts on “Ingress

  1. I really don’t need another game obsession. But now I suddenly find myself inexplicably drawn to La Resistance!


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