Mall Walking

January 14, 2015

It’s been a long day.  It started at 7:25am, the time the electric company’s tree trimmer chose to arrive to take care of a tree branch that was threatening to take the power line down.  Followed by two hours of doctor’s appointments.  Then three hours of meetings.  Then continued work of various sorts until 7:30pm, at which time we decided we needed to get out and move!

But it was too cold to walk outside, so we decided to go mall walking.  And that is the title of this blog, because it was the highlight of the day.  It’s really pretty fun to do laps around the mall, veering through a store at high speed here, detouring down a long hallway there, smiling and waving at the same folks as you pass them for the third time, and ending with dinner and a stop at the grocery store.  🙂

We also heard from Andy during our mad dash around the mall.  He is safe and sound in Colorado.  🙂

So… nothing more than some play-by-play of the day this time.  Sorry I didn’t have time to do more.  :/  Here’s hoping that you are all safe and happy and healthy.


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