Pancake Fun

January 4, 2015

Shortly before Christmas, this fascinating video was making the rounds on Facebook.

Wow!  What talent!  Kristin said, “I sooo want to try that!”  This led to me ordering these three pancake dispensers for Kristin for a Christmas present.


Today was the day we finally tried them, using Andy’s family recipe for sourdough pancakes.  Andy is a master pancake flipper!  One of the last days we were at Burning Man last summer, he cooked up over 200 pancakes for our camp to give to our neighbors!  But today we decided to try to make designs with three different colors of batter.  He was definitely out of his element, but pulled off some great multicolor designs, including this daisy:

Daisy Pancake

Kristin and I gave it a try as well.  We all agreed the colors were rather strange.  As Kristin put it, “That’s just wrong!”  🙂

photo 1

Here’s a picture of a heart I made, along with the recipe for the batter, taken from Andy’s recently-updated pocket mod entitled Cooking with the Emperor:  Pocket Edition.

photo 3

We had a lot of fun, but all agree we’ve had our fill of designing with pancake batter.  But the dispensers turned out to be handy, and will probably come along with us on our next camping adventure.  🙂


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