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Game Room Carpet

January 20, 2015

The other day when I showed you the mural in the game room here at Wunderland, I forgot to show you one of the coolest things about it!  The carpet in the game room is covered in game boards–hopscotch, checkers/chess, parcheesi, cribbage, tic tac toe, dots, Chinese checkers, etc.

photo 8


photo 2

That is very cool and apropos for a game room, but the best part is that the mural was painted to be an extension of the carpet.  The carpet goes up the wall about 6 inches and then there is a real rubber stair tread.  Then there is the mural with two more painted rubber stair treads and a continuation of the entire carpet.


photo 4

You can see the blue and green patterns continue all the way up the mural to the white wall with the red door in it.  And two of the 76 games depicted in the mural–Chinese checkers and cribbage–are actually part of the carpet in the real game room, as well as the carpet in the mural.  🙂

photo 6

P.S.  Shiro says it has taken far too long for me to introduce her, so she’s taken it upon herself to say hi.  😉