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Classic Games 1

February 25, 2015

OK, here we go… this is the first of many posts that it will take to show you all the classic games that are here in the Wunderland game room!  Here’s how this will work:  I will periodically post a new section of the shelves for you to see.  If there is anything you would like me to open up and show the contents / rules / etc. just post a comment to that effect and I will do so in an upcoming post.  Enjoy!  🙂

photo 1

So many different Masterminds!  I played a lot of that myself as a kid.  And I’m guessing that Word Mastermind is like a game we played on napkins at restaurants where one person thinks of a word and the other has to guess only real words and gets markings for correct letters and correct orientation.  Othello and Stay Alive were also heavily played in my childhood.  Which did you play?