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Happy Birthday to Me!

February 24, 2015

Hi, Everybody!  I’m back!  🙂  Sorry I took such a long unannounced hiatus.  I was on the cruise, and then had a nasty cold for the last two weeks, and just haven’t gotten back to blogging.  But I’m back now.  I’ve decided I’m not going to try to make this a daily blog, though I will try to post most days.  But guaranteeing that obviously is not working.  😉  Sorry!

In any case, it was my birthday yesterday, and one of the great birthday presents that I got was chocolate angel food cake!!!  Yum!!!  This cake is Andy’s favorite, and was always a staple at birthdays when he was growing up. So yesterday when he came home with a dozen eggs and asked me if I needed the kitchen, I skedaddled upstairs and didn’t ask any questions.  😉  And here was the result… yum!IMG_7788

You can’t really tell in this picture, but the candles are in the shape of a 4 and a 7… because I just turned 74… I mean 47!  😉  And when they sang Happy Birthday, Andy remembered my little ditty that goes at the end:  “And many more on Channel Four, and Frankenstein on Channel Nine!”  Things like that make me very happy.  🙂

Eating that cake while watching Harry Potter with Kristin and Andy was the perfect way to end my birthday.  🙂

So… how do you make this cake, you ask?  Well, I am happy to say I’ve got the recipe for you.  A few weeks back I talked about the Make-A-Plates.  I said I wasn’t going to show you Andy’s plate yet because I was saving it for another day.  Well, today’s the day!  I give you Andy’s plate… and the recipe for chocolate angel food cake!


Also, notice it mentions a little Roman column.  We did indeed eat the cake off of that very column that is depicted.  🙂

So… thank you, Andy and Kristin, for an amazing birthday (including the cruise!).  And thank you to so many of you that wished me happy birthday as well!  You all made my day!