Wascally Wabbits

February 13, 2015

Rabbits seem to be the theme lately!  A couple weeks ago, I learned a new word from a rabbit-raising friend.  To “binky” is to jump happily in the air and twist about.  Here’s a more complete description of it if you’re interested.  I just think it’s a cute name for a cute action.  🙂

photo 1In any case, shortly after I heard this description, I went out to move the trash cans to the curb and found that we apparently have a rabbit living under the porch.  I must have scared him, because he left tracks in the snow that headed under the car.  I hope he never decides to stay there long!  And I hope I get to see him sometime soon!  🙂  I’ve decided that his name just has to be Bugs, right?  I mean, this is the Looney household!  😉photo 2

Bunny TrivetAnd then there’s this cute trivet that lives in the kitchen.  Not only is it an adorable bunny, but it’s got hearts all over it.  Awww!  ❤



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