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Oddly Shaped Cubes

February 27, 2015

My Mom got me two cubes for my birthday–a really nice speed cube, and this crazy thing!photo 3

I would show you how it started out looking before I messed it up, but I can’t… at least not yet… because I haven’t been able to solve it yet.  😉  But I have gotten one side figured out!  So here’s a view of that side.  You’ll just have to believe me that it’s a cube when it’s solved.photo 4

Another cube that has become my new favorite to race with Kristin is this one:  photo 1

There are no colors–all sides are shiny silver.  There are only different widths to tell you how to solve it.  The 7-pieces-to-a-side cube above that my Mom got me does not move or solve anything like a regular cube.  This one, on the other hand, solves exactly like a regular cube, except that you have to wrap your mind around the idea of solving for size instead of color.  🙂

Think that sounds easy?  Well, here’s what it looks like messed up.  Still sound easy?  😉

photo 2

Actually, it isn’t all that hard.  But it does require some brain adjustment, and that little bit of pause gives me a tiny chance of actually beating Kristin.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve come within a second or so!