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Magnet #5

March 19, 2015

Ack!  It’s been two weeks!  Where does the time go???  Sorry for the long hiatus… hopefully I’ll do better! photoA little while ago I played a new game at game night that fits perfectly with tonight’s topic.  The game was called Mars Attacks:  The Dice Game by Steve Jackson Games.  Not only was it a very fun press-your-luck game that I’m looking forward to playing again, but it was perfect timing to fit with Magnet #5, which is the first in a series of magnets that are images from collectible trading cards.  This particular magnet was the first in the series, entitled “The Invasion Begins.”  I’ve got a lot more to tell you about Mars Attacks, but I’ll spread it out over the various fridge magnets as they come up.  🙂  For now, go buy the game–it’s fun! photo 5 photo 2