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Time Travel

February 10, 2015

Alas, I wish that I could time travel back to about three weeks ago and get my blogs done earlier!  As you may have noticed, I only filled in one of the gaps–January 25th–and failed to make posts happen while I was on the cruise.  And now I’ve been home for two days, but have been hit hard by a cold and not gotten back to blogging.  So… I am going to take Andy’s excellent advice, even though I hate having gaps, and just go forward from here.  I’m sorry about the missed days.  :/  But for today, let’s just get back in the saddle!  🙂

(And yes, cruise pics will be coming soon!)

A few little tidbits about time travel:

  • Andy loves the idea of time travel.  He is familiar with the entire cannon of time travel movies and TV shows and will very happily discuss them with you!
  • Looney Labs has published several time travel-related games–Chrononauts, Early American Chrononauts, and Back to the Future.
  • Andy has designed an unpublished time-travel-ish version of Fluxx (he just needs to procure the license)!
  • Andy loves the Doctor Who series, but does not feel it is truly about time travel.
  • Kristin has been watching old reruns and reading old books of Quantum Leap, about a man whose time travel experiment went wrong, leaving him stranded traveling from time to time to time.  The show is available on both Netflix and Hulu!
  • Kristin and I were telling Andy about this game, Ingress, that we’ve been playing, and specifically about the two factions–the Resistance and the Enlightened.  He said, “It’s sort of like the Eloi and the Morlocks.”  “Who are they?” I asked.  ::sigh::  Apparently I am sorely lacking in time travel education, and I need to read H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.  😉
  • The Looneys have a name for the effect of getting in the car (as a passenger!), falling asleep, and waking up what feels like moments later at home, even if it’s been hours.  They call this “taking the time machine.”  🙂
  • A related T-shirt of Andy’s–how many do you know?  😉Time Travel T-Shirt
  • Lastly, this isn’t ACTUALLY about time travel, but it definitely makes me FEEL like time is going backwards!  It’s the clock in the kitchen at Wunderland. Can you tell what time it is?  😉Backwards Clock